Throne of Bloodstone

Dol'Varinn's shopping Trip

Dollan, having been in Plan earlier goes to the magic shop that caught his eye before. He could feel the power emanating from it, it was obviously a true magic shop. Anyone with any bit of talent should be able to feel it. People can be so oblivious to the weave sometimes…

Entering, Dollan’s senses are assaulted by the raw energy of the magic. Dollan hesitates, steels himself to the magical assault. Correction, not an assault, more of a sense of wave washing over him like a wave at the beach.

Behind the counter, an elderly man chuckles. “Those with talent are always taken a little a back the first time here, what can I do for you?”

“Not sure, was drawn to your shop. Wanted to see what you had here. See if anything caught my interest.”

“If you got gold, we got plenty…. Names Kooter, let me know if you got any questions.” Kooter, studies Dollan for a moment, “what you got there, I don’t allow anything invisible in here.”

Dollan, puzzled for a moment quickly realizes what Kooter is talking about. “Oh, that is Gneut, my friend. Gnuet show yourself.” Gneut becomes visible, shyly she replies “Sorry, I meant no harm. All the people outside make me nervous. I forget sometimes I am invisible.”

“By Bahomet, a real fiery dragon, I heard of them but I have never seen one before, sorry if I scared you little one.” Gnuet defensivly replies, “I wasn’t scared… I have faced drow and demons….”

Dollan interrupts, “Gnuet!”

“Drow and demons you say, powerful enemies I am sure.” Kooter, looks to Dollan and realizes Gneut may not be exaggerating. “You must really be talented to face either of those and live.”

Dollan shakes his head no, “more lucky and I travel with powerful friends. I am looking to find something to help. I was recommended by a priest to get a scroll of planar ally to summon a solar but apparently you can’t buy scrolls in Phlan”

Kooter chuckles, “yah, never much agreed with that rule but the law is the law. I may have another way for you to do the same thing though. Where did I put that”, he moves several boxes. “Here it is, this is a candle of evocation, one for good. It can summon a solar if you are…” We are interrupted by a crash as several staffs fall over knocking down a suit of armor. Gnuet, floats above it looking very guilty. Sheepishly, she says “Sorry, I was trying to reach the necklace. Everything just fell down.”

Kooter looks at the mess and says “No worries, nothing looks broken. It’s my own fault, I had to disintegrate the cleaning lady. Everythings been a mess sense”

Gnuet, preoccupied isn’t listening, she is already wearing the amulet she found. “Mirror, I want a mirror.” Inpatient, Gnuet casts a minor spell to see her reflection. “Oh, pretty. It matches my scales.”

“You got good taste little one, that there is a amber amulet of vermin, and yes it compliments the color of your scales and eyes.” Dollan flinches, exasperated Gnuet replies “Really?, my eyes? Mom always said I had pretty eyes.”

Dollan looks at Kooter, “You did that on purpose” Kooter smiles innocently…

“Dollan, I want it. Can I have it? Please…. I saved your life when you were fighting the frog monks. You never buy me anything.”

“Gnuet, you did very good against the frog people. I just gave you two wands.”

“But it matches my eyes” pouting.

Kooter interrupts, “the candle can summon this Solar you were looking for, I’ll include the amulet cuz it matches Gnuet’s eyes and scales so much for the bargain price of 9,600gp.”

Dollan sighs, looks at Gnuet. “How can I say no” and pays the man.

Flying in circles, Gnuet sings “I got me an amulet. I got me an amulet. It matches my eyes.”

Dollan, shakes his head… “Your as bad as Shirley.”

Gneut smiles broadly. “Shirley doesn’t have an amulet that matches her ruins and eyes but I do. I mean my scales and eyes… Can I get ruins too? I want ruins that match my eyes. Where did she buy the ruins?”

Dollan looks to Kooter, “So, what does the amulet do?”

28 Klythorn 1364
A Serial Recollection

_A story told in several parts, from the point of view of the characters who experienced it….

First, Shirley takes a turn:_

Ok after spending 9 hours resting and training in PHLAN (the city of custard) we did some exploring and someone hit GROSH with a fish?

Then we realized we did not know anything about the Drow? So we inquired with the local experts-that led us outside the city

(I like outside it smells nice)

And after an encounter with some very confused doppelgangers that did not know they were doppelgangers we arrived at the house of Professor Gordo-Er-Gold-Er-Gorier—er


Professor Dumbledore

Who for a large fee answered all our questions about our new enemies and provided some suggestions. Personally I don’t think he was a good man-he mentioned some very bad things and I think Lucas should pay him a visit


(OH SQUIRL!!!!!!!!!!!)

We returned to PHALN (city of custard) to shop for acid.

Now normal acid was not good enough for DOLLAN and GROSH-Sigh-Oh No.

They had to have super acid.

Adventures have been using normal acid for 30 years and not complaining but oh not us.

So we had to go look for super acid-which led us to the bad part of town

I did not like the bad part of town-It smelled like cat.

(Dirty cats)

We went to a dwarf bar and met some dwarf thieves who told us where we could go steel some super acid

So we did that-

During the fight GROSH threw some of the super acid and it made a sink hole that ate the building-seems it’s a lil stronger then we had expected.


That was scary

(I found a ball)

Then the Dwarf thieves showed up and we found out they were just using us-but that’s ok because now we have a lot of the really dangerous super acid and no idea what to do with it.

Then we had to recover

(Throw the ball)

Then Dolan did his magic thing and we went back underground

(I do not like the underground_I cannot smell the wind)

We went back to the fish person place and swam down to the gate-but the gate had changed since last time. So either we were in the wrong place, or something had happened? We saw a strange alter and did what it said

And poof

We were in another room

It was scary with lots of disturbing images on all the walls of the fish men doing bad things

I think I may have been in this room before and I do not like it


And now—-we wait

_And Dol’Varin takes over the narrator’s chair: _

We rested in Phlan for 9 hours. After witch Grosh got it in his head we didn’t know much about the drow. Everyone decided to research the drow. We were told of two experts, one of which in the bad part of Phlan, the other outside of Phlan.

The group went to see Dumbledore. Dumbledore, of very questionable morals, was very knowledgeable in the drow, their affairs and Lolth’s goal to become a goddess in this world. He knew about the white elves, which came from ErelhiCinlu, a city from another world where Lolth is already a goddess.

Dumbledore told the group how he would hire beholders and black dragons and acid to fight the drow and how the drow use adamantine weapons to break their opponents weapons.

Not caring about Dumbledore’s questionable nature, Grosh told him about the evil temple with the evil artifact to the fish people’s god. He told him where he could find it, even after Dol’Varinn tried to stop him.

Learning acid was how Dumbledore fought the drow, the group wanted to buy acid. Dollan thought it was ineffectual – not enough damage. Someone (Matt) mentioned Zents had stronger acid. Dol’Varinn refused to teleport to Zentinal Keep, the group decided to go into the Cyric side of Phlan.

We meet some dwarves, who later turned out to be thieves. After buying them drinks we learned of a stash of acid the cyrics were going to uses on the Helm Knights. We snuck over, used magic to trick our way inside the Cyric’s where house to acquire the acid we sought.

19 Klythorn 1364
Dreams in Phlan

Grosh continued to trek steadily forward, his eyes stinging from the intensely bright sunlight glaring off the frozen and barren landscape of the Great Glacier. The wind cut like knives across him, so cold that it burned, but he ignored it. He needed to keep going, needed to find who was calling him. He knuckled the water from his aching eyes. He’d be glare-blind soon, he knew. Like the wind, though, he ignored this.

Opening his hand, he peered at the glint of metal cradled there. It was hard to make out with his failing eyes, but he knew what it was. It was the Ring of Vaasa. How he had come to have it, Grosh didn’t know. It had vanished along with the pearls, and should be in the elemental plane of Water. But it wasn’t. It was in his hand. He didn’t know what to do with it. He had considered putting it on as his large feet crunched his way forward on the ice. For some reason, he didn’t.

He was in the Glacier now, walking through the ice. No cave or fissure leads to where he was going. It was impossible to get to where he was going, yet he was getting there. He walked through the ice as if it wasn’t there, moving downwards steadily. Even so, he could feel the harsh bite of the frozen sea against his skin. Was he even breathing? Yes, he was. How, though, he couldn’t tell. He had the ring. Maybe that was why?

The mass of ice he was passing through ended and Grosh was in a cavern of solid ice. The walls were slick and seamless, curving up to the great domed ceiling. It had an ethereal glow of bluish-green, from the sunlight filtering through so much ice. In the center of the cave was a massive block of ice. He could barely make out a shadowy form inside, like a man, but much too large. A giant, perhaps?

Around the block, several vaguely humanoid shapes scurried about. They were a little taller than he was, maybe eight feet, and snowy white. The beings looked to be a cross between a man and a mantis. They were busily tending to the block of ice, paying Grosh no mind. None of this made sense, but he felt like it should.

There was something in the back of his head, like a long-forgotten memory, that told Grosh he should know this place, should know these beings, and should know the form in the ice. Clenching his fist around the Ring of Vaasa, Grosh moved forward, walking among the mantis men.

Yes, this was the place. This is what he was being drawn to. This is where he needed to be. The form in the ice remained unidentifiable, even when he drew nearer. The shadows played from the glittering walls and obscured the features of the being in the ice, but he could see something glint. It may have been a trick of the odd light, but it looked as if blue and green crystals of ice hung around the neck of the being in the ice.

Before he could get close enough to be sure, he heard a feminine voice behind him. “The Dreamer is awakening.” He spun around, but there was no one there behind him. He was alone, save for the mantis men and the giant humanoid in the ice.

“We must do more to keep him cold,” she said. Grosh slowly turned in a circle, head cocked to the side, trying to find where the voice was coming from. It seemed to bounce off the walls, coming from everywhere at once. There was a clear note of worry in the voice as she continued. “The Melding is coming too soon, and he will soon be free! It is not yet time!”

Then, with a jolt, Grosh was awake. He was on the mat in his room at the inn. The idea that it was all just a dream was dashed by the reality that he was covered in a thick layer of rapidly melting frost. He clenched his fist, reflexively, remembering the Ring of Vaasa. Something was in his hand, and it was cold.

It took some effort, but Grosh was able to uncurl his fingers. In his hand was a thick leather thong of icicles. They were blue and green, like the icicles around the neck of the Dreamer, and they were carved all over with runes in giant. There was blood in the runes. His hands were slick with blood, and the throb from his torn fingernails made it clear that it was his blood. He had carved the runes into the ice with his own nails.

Still feeling like he was dreaming, Grosh read the runes. They were complex and complete, and expertly carved, especially considering that he did it in his sleep with his own fingernails. The icicles were carved with the Dream of Ulutiu.

It was clear what this meant. Somehow, he’d become a Chosen of Ulutiu. The Eternal Sleeper had visited Grosh in his dreams, or possibly the other way around. How or why, he didn’t know, but he had pretty definitive proof sitting in his bloody hands. Slowly, and with a feeling of dazed reverence, he draped the icicles, the holy symbol of Ulutiu, around his neck.

He sat for a while, staring at his hands. The blood was becoming sticky as it dried, and the rest of him was becoming slick as the frost melted from him. His eyes moved past his hands and too the floor next to his mat. There was blood there, too. Drips and splatters were evident, but he didn’t pay much attention to them. He was too focused on what his blood spelled out in Damaran.

“The father of Grosh Silversmith is the key to your understanding,” his blood intoned. “Seek ye Gog in the deepening depths amidst the tentacled horrors. Your servant shall be your guide.”

Grosh had no idea what it could all mean. His father, Fillius Silversmith, was dead, and had been for years. He had buried his father behind the cabin himself. Clearly the tentacled horrors were the mind-flayers, but who was Gog? For that matter, who was his servant?

He’d need to tell the others about this.

16 Klythorn 1364 Pt. II
Off to Hillsafar Hall

The party’s acceptance was sent back to the Giants by Dolvarin’s bold declaration. While many wondered about the long-term ramifications of the decision, the scared citizens of Windless were well pleased by the decision. Princess Artemis herself, inspired by their courage (and concerned about its political implications for her here in Bloodstone), stepped forward and announced,”For my people and our future, I will go forward with you and see that the evil sphere is removed from our land and the blight of this evil giant Ingrid is cast down.” Her announcement brought up a strong cheer from the town’s huddled masses. Daran-El, seeing now that the very nobility of the Barony was engaged in this quest, trotted forward to her side and proclaimed, “Princess, with Chaunsleaf safely freed from this Giant King’s captivity, I will delay assessing vengeance and see the sphere removed as well.”

Just as the people’s fear was beginning to dissipate in the face of such intrepidity, King Snurre broke his silence and filled the small town with his rumbling voice, “Now that Damara has acknowledged my sovereignty over the Glacier, and to seal our alliance to defeat Ingrid and her damnable drow allies, I must demand some assurances. First, the watchtower you seized illegally at the foot of the Glacier must be returned and all of your heretic priests removed. I will have no arbiter of justice on the Ice but the Ordning. Second, you must send me a hostage who I will release once the heretics are gone and you are engaged in the battle against my lapsed daughter. Remember, I want her brought to me, dead or alive! Who do you choose to stand hostage?”

Lucas Wyrmbane, curiously silent throughout the encounter, stepped forward and spoke clearly, “I, Lucas Wyrmbane, am Tyr’s Hand in this realm. It is my judgment that brought Tyrrans to the Glacier and while I do not agree with the wisdom of abandoning the Glacier to you, evil-doer, I will see this agreement fulfilled so that you menace no longer this land. I will stand guard over your withdrawal and see to it that my people relocate themselves to Hillsafar Hall. If your ego requires you to consider me hostage, then so be it. But know that my sword is sharp as justice and my will is the Hammer of Tyr!” He strode forward and marched directly towards Hillsafar Hall. As the giant king commanded Brazzemal to take to the sky and the giant army to withdraw from the heights surrounding Windless, the remaining Knights prepared themselves to journy to the Dwarven fortress themselves, and into the Underdark beneath. Marching solemnly to the rhythm of the war drums of the fire giants, the Knights considered that never before and likely never again would Knights of Damara journey under banner of truce with Fire Giants. Truly, the world was a strange and mysterious place.

As the sun rose high and then settled in the West, the Knights approached Hillsafar Hall and wondered if this would be their last day under the sun of Faerun.

16 Klythorn 1364
The Day of Snurre

The day passed without major incident. Dolvarin’s steady cycle of teleportations and commercial purchasing, leaving behind the telltale scent of caramon and occuring with the gentle whoosh of the wind through the trees, provided an irregular soundtrack to the goings-on at the Sleeping Dragon Inn. After the morning prayer with Grosh and Shirl-E, Mayaheine departed to Morningdawn Hall to insure the continued safety of the Morninglord’s flock. Grosh turned in for a nap while Shirl-E amused herself by exploring the small town of Windless. Unseen Phoenix, for his part, spent the day walking among the people, listening to their concerns, and learning what he could of recent events. Things took a turn for the worse as the sun settled below the Western Mountains.

First, as the Knights sat down to enjoy their evening meal together and listen to the latest tale of commercial genius from Dolvaren, Lucas entered the Sleeping Dragon Inn, a bound and gagged Sir Gareth Corneil thrown in to the floor before him. “Here he is, friends, the vile blackguard who infiltrated the Halls of Justice itself and presumed to deceive Lord Grimjaws. It took some doing to arrange to get him out of Waterdeep but he has too many friends in the City of Splendors to receive justice there. Gratefully, Blackstaff agreed with me and sent me here so we could deal with him ourselves. And to think, he was carrying this holy blade of justice! What ho, was I interrupting dinner? Excellent, let us feast our reunion and this opportunity to work justice by our own hands!”

DM Note: The Sword is Illuminator, a Sword of Intercession, and a relic of Tyr’s Procession of Justice, the time during the Age of Thunder when Tyr led a great crusade across Faerun and established His church. It has a tremendous relic value to the church of Tyr.

This magical weapon is aligned LG and dedicated to Tyr. A character of any different alignment may wield a sword of intercession, but it will function as a

normal, nonmagical weapon. A character of the same alignment as the sword may wield it as a +2 weapon. A character who worships Tyr may wield it as a +4 sword, and in addition

gains SR 19 and a +2 bonus on all saving throws so long as the sword is held or carried. If the wielder is a paladin, once per week, the wielder may maximize a Smite attack but the sword will function as a nonmagical sword for a tenday thereafter. Such a character will also be able to commune with his deity once per week, asking one yes-or-no question at that time. The sword will not work for those who have only converted to their new alignment or religion within the last year.

While the party launches into discussions of Lucas’s absence and what to do with the prisoner, the boisterous discussion is eventually drowned out by the sound of drums rattling the rafters of the Inn. The Knights grab weapons and emerge out into the street to be confronted by a most ominous sight.

All around the narrow valley in which Windless had been built, the Galena mountains pressed close by. The hamlet had only two buildings of more than one story originally, the Inn now owned by Dolvarin, and the Tranth House, on the opposite end of town, currently home for Princess Artemis. In between the two large buildings, a single street connected Hobart’s Way with Windless as it passed from Arcata to Bloodstone. To the East, the Tower of Algorthas had been transported to avoid the black sphere engulfing Bloodstone. To the West, on the slopes of Mt. Velidelio, the rough tiny outline of Morningdawn Hall could still be seen in the dying light of the day. But on the mountains, more than 40 torches were visible, and the sounds of drumming pounded through the valley. In the center of the square, a dwarf male lay bound on the ground. Perched on the roof of the Tranth House, its talons tearing loose dozens of shingles, sat a monstrous red dragon with a huge fire giant mounted astride the beast.

The giant spoke first, his voice bellowing and booming through the valley. “I am King Snurre, lord and sovereign of the fire giants of the Novalarond. I had no quarrel with you but you made me your enemy by entering my home and robbing me of my property. I am come to have either my vengeance or redress my losses. My forces will level this town and every living thing in it if I do not have satisfaction. I do not require your death, however, and I am prepared to be merciful. Bound in the center of the square is a dwarf you will recognize. I have instructed him as to the terms of your survival. You would do well to listen to him. My forces will stay their hand, for now. Do not think to barter with me, I am a King.”

While Lucas and Grosh both felt their hands curling around their weapons, Mayaheine the Dawnknight strode calmly from the West into the Square. He knelt down at the dwarf and picked up his crumpled form, tearing off his bonds in a smooth motion as he did so. Deliberately, steadily, he lead the dwarf into the Sleeping Dragon Inn, and as he passed the Knights he said this,”My friends, there are more than 40 fire giants arrayed around the town. They have boulders aplenty and that dragon is Brazzemal. I was able to see them coming towards the town late this afternoon from Morningdawn Hall, they were coming from the direction of Hillsafar Hall. A great smoke was rising from Hillsafar; my scout has not returned yet from there. I fear the stone giants and the garrison may have been slaughtered. We must be very careful lest all the good people of Windless die. Please come inside with me now.”

The Knights reluctantly agreed, seeing no immediate way to overcome the giant’s commanding position.

Inside, they shoved Sir Gareth to the side and looked upon the face of Iron Duke Mongo Garumbelly of Hillsafar Hall. The Dwarf’s red beard and piercing blue eyes were exactly as described and the dwarf looked relieved to be free of bondage.

“Garumpf, ach, what a bad business this is. First elves incite the Giants against us and we are driven out of the Hall, now I am here, forced to act as messenger for King Smoky-pants! Bad bad bad. Any road, you need to know what His High and Mightiness wants right? Ach, here it is then. That King up there, he has been happy ruling over his kind in the mountain furnaces of the Novalarund for a couple of hundred years. Some of his younger stones, they want him to rebuild Ostoria, some mythical kingdom from days of yore. I get the same nonsense from mine about Tharazdum. Any road, the King’s daughter hits on a scheme to do it and she takes herself off to the South, bearing a false message from the King to Nosnra, that filthy Hill Giant you rustled out of my house. With that, she gets herself a small army and begins building up a little throne for herself atop the Bloodstone Mines. Soon after, she is making some powerful allies all over and draws the attention of the Drow down in that big forest where they used to have some sort of elfy-green kingdom (Myth Drannor and Cormanthor). She makes a deal with them to use the Mercury Pool in Bloodstone to let them accomplish some sort of evil God ritual that their bitch Queen Lolth, spits on the ground, wants with a bunch of relics from all over the Realms. Next thing, word gets to the King that this Melding thing can bring any god back to life and it seems that many start paying attention. Zhents, Banites, Cyricists, all of them start getting real curious about stuff up here in Damara. Well, that makes the King realize that what his daughter is doing might go beyond a little willful indiscretion and might pose a real risk to his High and Mightiness.

Sure enough, right about then, the Frost Giant Jarl shows up with some little elf woman, carrying some sort of loom claiming that Ingrid, his daughter, had offered a huge bounty for the loom. The King sends his own ambassador with the loom to talk things over with Ingrid and you know what the bitch sends her dad back in reply? The head of his own ambassador, her uncle. The head had a magic mouth cast upon it reporting that Ingrid only recognized the one true king of giants, Moloch, the one who destroyed the elves once and would do so again. Well, that had the King all upset. He decides to muster all the tribes and eliminate this heresy before it got out that it was his own daughter what was doing this. Thats when you all show up, tearing apart the Jarl’s Rift and destroying the remnants of Nosnra’s force. He had just about decided he needed to make a deal with King Gareth when word comes back to him that Gareth was off fighting the dragons of Castle Perilous, an old irritation to Snurre since the white dragons of the glacier were usually just predators except when those dragons got them all fired up. Of course just as he comes to that conclusion, you all show up in his own castle and steal his treasure and interrupt his grand council. With all the magic you have and the damage you did the Chief and the Jarl, he decided he needed to settle things with you direct.

Not that he can own up to that in front of his troops, no, that would cost him dearly, probably provoke a challenge. So, he tosses me in here to tell you his terms in private.

So here it is: He will spare Windless and release any claims he has south of the Great Glacier on two conditions: 1) You bring his daughter to him, dead or alive. 2) You make no claim on the Glacier or Novalarund. That land is the hunting grounds of the giants from the days of Ulutiu’s Betrayal and will always be so. He also suggests you get to work preventing those drow from completing their ritual and offered me my freedom to show you how to get into the Underdark. Apparently, the sphere is an intrustion of the Demonweb Pits into this realm, above the ground things are warped but below the ground an entire drow city has been brought. That is bad news to me, up till now all we have had to deal with are the remnants of some weak-old fish people. Part of why the stupid hill giants were able to defeat us was many of my warriors were busy cleaning out the fish-men’s nest; apparently they have been hidden in the Underdark for centuries. Anyway, you all should be able to make short work of them on our way to the drow.

So, what do you think? Are ye ready for some adventure?”

The dwarf awaited the Knight’s response.

15 Klythorn 1364
A Night Vigil

The Knights, safely entrenched at the Sleeping Dragon Inn in Windless, took some time out to rest and recuperate. While Dolvaren tended to the endless details of moving assets earned and stolen from evil beings, Grosh and Shirl-E approach Mayaheine, the golden elf Dawnknight of Lathander….

Mayaheine asks you both to come sit vigil with him through the night and at dawn, when the light of the Morninglord returns to Faerun, he will attempt to commune with his god to provide you with an answer. Grosh reluctantly puts down his die making tools to do so and Shirl-E joins her Jarl with quiet acceptance. As the dawn breaks over Windless, both notice that lightning in the mountains adds a ozone taste to the air, unusual for this time of day.

A ruby radiance surrounds Mayaheine, whose quiet chanting through the night made both of you wonder about his sanity, clerics are odd to begin with and this one was an elf to boot! He looks up at the two of you and his eyes glow with a golden light. “Grosh Silversmith, you are called to a destiny far greater than you believe. Your dreams are filling with the voice of the Dreamer of Palruvia and your path is one of service and honor. Listen to the words of the ice and by defeating the designs of one trapped inside you will free the dream of the One Encased to make a new home for all His children.” Turning to Shirl-E, he continued, “You have been rescued from mindlessness by a guardian from beyond for a purpose divine. That spirit watches over you today and his name, Zagzagel, has been unspoken for an age. Your own true name was lost at the hands of the mind flayers you are drawing inexorably closer to. When you have dispatched them, you will again be given the freedom of choice they took from you.”

The sun’s disk fully emerged from night’s shadow and as it did so, the radiance faded from Mayaheine. His voice returned to its quiet chanting and after another 14 minutes, he stopped.

“So my friends, what did the Morninglord share with you?”

“I was told that my ‘dreams are filling with the voice of the Dreamer of Palruvia,’” Grosh informs him. “It was kind of implied that I’m on a path to serve Ulutiu. I’ve had a few dreams about him recently, but Ulutiu is the father of giant-kin and the Great Glacier. I know I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual on the Glacier lately, but that’s hardly a reason for him to pick me, isn’t it?

“And I’m not giant-kin anyway,” Grosh continued. “My dad was human, not giant. I mean, I’ve gotten taller, sure, but I’m just a regular half-orc, not a Vaasan half-orc.” Grosh paused and thought for a moment. “Is it possible that Ulutiu has changed me?”

Shrilly just smiles “The morning lord spoke to me of a purpose Devinne, that a spirt watches over me. I can feel it in my heart, like a true and trusted Friend.” Then her face grows grim “Then he spoke of something called a Mind thief or Mind Flayer? That I am being drawn to them and they stole my name and put me in the ice-He said once I defeat them, i will get my freedom back.

I don’t understand-I feel free. Free to follow the path of the morning lord, free to serve my Jarl, free to run and play? What could he have meant?”

The sun rose into the sky, while in the distance, drums beat an army to war.

12-14 Klythorn 1364

After a dangerous discussion with the dear departed priests of Mystra in Waterdeep, the Knights return to Damara, poorer but wiser for their trip to the City of Splendors. Despite expecting to meet up with Lucas, the paladin of Tyr did not make the rendezvous and the press of time made it essential to return home.

Upon arrival, the party was tremendously impressed to learn that Dolvaren had earned title to the Sleeping Dragon Inn in Windless, a location that represented a significant upgrade over the frozen ice outpost at the southern edge of the Great Glacier. With a comfortable night’s sleep behind them, they updated Loviath and conferred with the priests of the Morningdawn Hall under construction on the slopes of Mt. Velidelio. Mayaheine, a Dawnknight, negotiated with Dolvaren for the purchase of the Stained Glass Golem he had acquired, and the golem was put to good use defending the Morninglord’s new shrine in Damara. The sphere of blackness was revealed to be the work of Lolth and a counter-weight to some sort of battle the drow were losing against the pale-skined elves in the Underdark. Loviath urged the party to finish their defeat of the giants, believing that the giants were somehow connected to the pale-skinned elves and that access to the sphere could be had through the Underdark.

Accordingly, reprovisioned and rested, the party teleported into the Fire Giant King’s Hall. With stealth and tact, they dispatched a monstrous hydra and took the King’s personal wealth back to the Inn for their use. Upon return, they proceeded forward cautiously only to stumble into the King’s main audience chamber.

Into the maelstrom the Knights were committed, battling Vercinabex Tor, the Cloud Giant who had so vexed them, Nosnra, the Hill Giant Chieftain, Grugnir, the Frost Giant Jarl, and King Snurre himself. While they hewed and slashed, the giants clearly overmatched them. After the petrification of Dolvarin and the incapacitation of Risen Phoenix and Shirley, the barbarian Grosh stumbled into the snow, insane and out of his mind.

After two cold days in the ice, he was rescued by Dawnknight Mayaheine. The elf restored his wits, his health, and re-equipped him. Together, the duo returned to the King’s Hall using a secret entrance utilized primarily by a red dragon who had been menacing the area for weeks. They slipped in in time to see that Shirley was already conducting an escape of his own. Restoring Dolvarin with Mayaheine’s magic and defeating the guards, the party was fortunate to rescue Chaunsleaf, a high ranking Centaur shaman, and Daran-El, a Centaur Knight of Damara, before returning to the Sleeping Dragon Inn.

Now, certain that Snurre knows of their plans to destroy him, and sitting atop a mountain of stolen giant wealth, the Knights must carefully choose their next step. Was Vercinabex lying, as he so often did, when he said that the King had a use for them? Is simple annihilation of either the Knights or the Giants the only path forward? Where is Lucas Wyrmbane?

The answers to these and so many other questions awaits our adventurers in their next installment.

11 Klythorn 1364
Unseen Seen

Unseen rising

As I open my eyes, my vision is blurry. I feels as though my body is spinning. Soon it begins to slow and my vision begins to clear. As I lay on my back, I realize I am not breathing. I cant breath. I begin to panic, though soon realize, I feel fine. It is as though I have no need for air. I begin to focus on my surroundings or more or less, lack there of. It is dark. As I struggle to sit up I am baffled by the absence of earth or ground. It is a though I am suspended in… well “Nothing”. Yes, if there was one word it would be, nothing, in its purest form. I place my hand over my chest, then on my neck, I have no pulse. I am dead. I remember the fall. Yet no pain. I am empty as is my current environment. I begin to look around. And nothing. Nothing. NOTHing. NOTHING!!! There is a dark purple aura off in the distance. It seems miles always. I look myself over and dust my robes off. I look ahead and begin running. At first it feels as though I am not moving, I am only running in place. Then as soon as I began, I feel the air begin to rush by my face. I can feel the earth moving under me. I am running. The aura is moving closer. The ground begins to change, it is no longer a void, but now a large grassy field. Trees begin to appear in the distance. I am now passing them. The sky begins to change into a light blue. Clouds begin to appear. I feel air rush back into my lungs. I can breath. I begin to smell the season. Birds begin to chirp. The purple aura is beginning to fade as the world around me begins to take shape. I begin to slow my pace. The aura is now gone. I am standing in place I have been before. I know this place. I feel humbled and at peace here. It is strange. I don’t know why, but I feel as though I must wait. I sit down on the grass below me and begin. I close my eyes and attempt to enter a deep state of nothingness. And once again I am there…

It is dark. Nothing… And then, I see myself.; hovering a few feet off the ground. My legs are crossed. My hands rest firmly on my knees.

A voice is heard, echoing threw out the void The silence is broken, “Phoenix… Phoenix” I reply, “Yes” “My son, you have fallen in battle.” “Yes father, I have failed. My skill has fallen short…” “No my son. This is not a tragedy. This was needed for you to bloom. One can not progress until they fall. Once they fall, they either decide to stay down or get back up. The choice is yours…” “…” Phoenix is silent. “My son, great things lye ahead for you. Whether you see this or not, there is that path. You have been chosen for this task my son. No one else can do this. If you do not help, Demara will fall. This is what I see…“ (A brief Pause) “Though it is not set in stone. You have the free will to choose. Though let me remind you of your name… Phoenix. This name was given to the one who would restore good to the free people of Demara. The phoenix is the symbol for Fire and divinity. At the end of its life cycle, the phoenix shall burn fiercely and is reduced to ash, from which a younger, stronger, more fierce phoenix shall arise and reborn anew to live again. This is your destiny my son. One must remember, reality is a dismal dream of limitations, until one sees the light. And you have seen the light my son and the light would have you soar like the phoenix of your sacred visions; you must rise up from the ash and conquer yourself. For the true enemy lye’s within…”

A loud noise encompasses Unseen. It sounds as though the air is being sucked from the nothing.

“AWAKE MY SON, YOU MUST MAKE YOUR CHOICE!!!” I open my eyes. I am in the grassy field of before. I remember this place now.. I died here.

“AHHHHH!!!” A loud scream comes rushing in from the side. A blade comes shooting in towards my stomach. I move to the side and scan the field. I remember this. These are the last moments of my life.

(With out thinking any longer)

Phoenix begins the fight. He sees grosh off in the distance and dollan. There are three pail vampiric looking figures and a large scorpion. The fight begins to play out as before.

Before I know it, I am being lifted up into the sky. Dueling 100ft above the ground. Two figures circle me as I hold on to the back of ones cape. I bob and weave avoiding their blades. We are being lifted higher and higher. And then, it is over. I feel a cold shot of steel enter my body. I can feel the life begin to fade immediately… And then another shot in my lower back…. And a final through my chest. I am now held in the air by the three swords that penetrate my body. I begin to cough and bloods proceeds to run down my chin. My vision begins to blur and the light begins to fade…

As the three figures all pull their blades from my body, I fall.

… I can see myself falling, slowly away. Then a voice, “You must make the choice the my son, now is your time. CHOOSE!!!”


The world begins to shake, trees begin to fall. Mountains begin to crumble. Time slows down. And then STOPS.

(Phoenix is now suspended in air, he has not hit the ground. His enemies are frozen above.)


Flames begin to shoot from his body in every direction. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

A LARGE BLAST IS LET OUT FROM HIS BODY. And once again. Nothing.

(GASPING FOR AIR!!!) Phoenix jolts up. Sitting up in the church of Ilmater, his robes are soaking wet with sweat. He blinks wildly adjusting his eyes. He sees people standing around awestruck. He is breathing hard and scans the room looking for a friendly face…

10 Klythorn 1364 At Blackstaff Tower

The dragon burst out of the Cynosure with a deafening roar. The pale moonlight made the beast look almost black, but the fain sheen of glossy green still shone through. Grosh grinned in eager anticipation. The dragon was larger than he had expected. Hefting his sword, he made ready to rush into battle, but paused when Unseen Phoenix drew his attention.

“Back there,” he said, nodding towards the front of a shop across the market square. Grosh turned and saw two drow, a male and a female, exiting. Unseen Phoenix nimbly ran down the street, towards the drow.

With a shrug, Grosh sheathed his sword and drew his bow, letting loose a quick volley at the dragon. The great beast twisted sinuously, easily dodging the hastily lobbed arrow and turned its attention to the half-orc. The half-orc was already running toward the drow, though, with Tomas right behind him. As Tomas passed the first building, he dove into the open window, taking cover.

Meanwhile, the drow darted forward and took up position by the well in the middle of the square. If they saw Shirley darting from shadow to shadow, they made no indication. Neither did they seem too concerned as the dragon leaped into the air and blew a massive gust of noxious gas.

The air rippled like a heat mirage as the gas billowed down, choking the adventurers. Eyes and noses burned and ran. Phoenix kept moving forward, with Grosh right behind him, both of them quickly making it out of the cloud of poisonous chloride gas. Shirley darted to safety and approached the male drow, but she had been spotted in the commotion of the deadly breath weapon and her element of surprise was lost.

Bellowing praise to Tempus, Grosh charged the female. She was manipulating something at the base of the well, and the water was starting to drain. Unseen Phoenix moved like the lightning strike of the great remorhaz, moving in and out of the battle with fluid, twisting grace. A heavy blow from Grosh’s sword felled the female, and a quick glance into the well showed the arrival of a huge water elemental.

The half-orc kept his fingers crossed that the elemental meant that Dolvaran had arrived. An angry shriek from the dragon seemed to confirm it. Now the fight was starting to get interesting …


The party fights bitterly with the drow and the dragon. While the drow seem to be in hand, the dragon proves to be more of a problem. With Shirley down, but not out, the group is relieved to see the arrival of the Moonstars, Blackstaff’s network of agents within the city. The dragon is driven back, but manages to take the crown with it. Meanwhile, the adventurers are taken to Blackstaff for questioning, as Tomas was discovered to be a Cyricist, which cast some doubt on the trustworthiness of the group.

Vouched for by Blackstaff, the group was healed and transported to a waypoint along the dragon’s path, in hopes of being able to intercept the crown before it travels beyond their reach. In the ensuing battle, Grosh and Phoenix show a remarkable daring as Grosh threw Phoenix onto the back of the passing dragon, allowing him to break the harness that held the crown free.

Dolvaran, having suffered severe wounds in battle after having many of his spells dispelled by an imp, teleported away to safety, seeking aid. Arriving on the outskirts of Waterdeep, he meets Sir Gareth Corneil, paladin of Tyr, who is riding hard toward the city. Sir Gareth offers to bring the wounded Dolvaran to a healer, but Dolvaran refused, needing speed before efficiency, so that he could return to the battle as soon as possible, Sir Gareth heals the elf as well as he can, but deftly steals one of Dolvaran’s rings in the process.

At the same time, the crown is picked up by Beloq, a Malebranche devil. The battle heats up, and Grosh and Phoenix are forced to flee from the rampaging devil after an imp takes the crown and vanishes. Pausing only to pickup Menchie and a small green dragon, the two head towards safety. Unfortunately, they are confronted by a lich, who petrifies Phoenix and kills Menchie. She leaves after taking Necrolyte, the young dragon.

Outside Waterdeep, Dolvaran encounters Lucas, who has been pursuing Sir Gareth. Lucas heals Dolvaran some more, and the pair teleport back to the battle in time to see the green dragon Necrozyte disappear magically into a small tower. They follow, only to find the ruined remains of the dragon and the devil, along with the crown. Taking what treasure they can, they meet with Shirley, Grosh, and the petrified Phoenix and return to Blackstaff tower with the crown.

Pleased with their success, Khelben Blackstaff cures Phoenix and rewards the party, along with offering them positions among his network. After politely turning down the offer, the party promptly returns to investigate the site of the battle. They are surprised to find three elf-like figures and an incredibly huge scorpion golem searching for the magic that they had come to seek themselves. The adventures came off the worse of the encounter, and fled, with Phoenix having fallen after being struck down by three death spells.

Returning once again to Blackstaff tower, they are disheartened to learn that the crown they had recovered was a fake.

10 Klythorn 1364 Darkness has Fallen

Unseen Phoenix (the silent), Grosh (the excited), and Shirl-E (the exuberant) all hurry after Tomas towards the Market Square. As they arrive, they can see the last few cart vendors closing down their wares and the mist that had been rolling in settling down to street level. A few hawkers attempt to sell a bag of warm chestnuts to the adventurers as they arrive but are quickly scared off by Grosh’s intense demeanor. Menace begins to hang in the air as even the government festhall, the Cynosure, is darkened and locked up tight. Shirl-E’s sharp ears strain to pick up the slightest hint of menace and the looming presence of Blackstaff Tower challenges all involved to be vigilant. “Trust me friends, they will soon emerge here, having slipped down the streets from Blackstaff Tower on their way out of the city. I would expect them to come from the Northwest. Hard to say though, with drow, they might use the rooftops for travel. Unlikely I would think, given the aerial surveillance in this city. Wouldn’t want to get nabbed by a griffon rider, eh?”

Meanwhile, at Summit Hall, Lucas struggles to defeat the well-armed Sir Gareth. Gareth calls for help from the other monks, and is able to summon several who are convinced that some foul spirit infested the great paladin and caused him to recklessly attack the Exchequer of the Holy Knights of Samular. After all, Gareth still wielded the Illuminator, a holy blade of the church. None, however, will intervene in the struggle and Gareth moves quickly off the roof of the Hall to avoid doing harm to Lucas. “I will not strike down such a great champion. Montasso, shall we not help our brother recover his senses? Perhaps if you were to put him in a meditation cell it would allow him to reorient himself.” Montasso, Lucas’s mentor considers the proposition and then quickly chants the necessary holy words to bring Lucas out of the open and into a cell of meditation deep in the Hall. Lucas finds himself transposed, alone in the dark with a thin shaft of light his only reference to the outside. He knows that Gareth is a concealed evil and that he must escape. He quickly arranges his escape from the cell (the door was unlocked) and begins, on foot, back towards Waterdeep, justice burning in his heart and the dust of Gareth’s horse guiding him forward. He knows he will not catch the horse, but he also knows there is only one place for Gareth to go: the Halls of Justice, where surely vengeance will be found. No one can deceive Tyr or his hands on Faerun!

A loud roar emerges from the Cynosure, and the large double doors are blasted down as a massive menace emerges. Grosh smiles as he finally recognizes an enemy, plain and true. A huge green dragon bursts from the building, flinging the body of a hapless clerk to the ground lifeless as it does so. With a whip of its tail, two vendors see their life’s work destroyed. “That has to be the diversion friends, the elves must be approaching!” yelled Tomas.

As battle approaches, and the threads draw together, Unseen Phoenix centers his spirit but wonders, where are the two mightiest champions of the Knights: Lucas and Dolvaren? Why at this moment of tremendous peril are these noble warriors absent?


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