Throne of Bloodstone

12th day of Mirtal, 1364

The twelth day of Mirtal sees the adventurers exploring the Jarl’s rift. They have enslaved the imp Asperix, servant of Eclavdra. They delivered Asperix to Loviath and have penetrated the Jarl’s first layer of defenses. After re-tooling in Heliogabalus and learning that Ol Turmey has taken his duergar necromancy show up to Goliad, Loviath has relocated to Windless, and the party found a new partner in the ‘Rhyming Rimmer’, Emirkol’s thouroughly insane partner. Retooled and reequipped, the party considers their next move. A cleric of Bahamut has joined the party, agreeing to serve in exchange for the chance to win the glory necessary to become a Starfall Knight.  The icy keep the party has used as a base of operations has had visitors. Yesterday, the Bandit Army under Screed, passed through to the South with a new contingent of Hill Giants, formerly under Nosnra’s command. Screed’s forces didn’t attack the keep but Lucas’s followers did keep a discreet surveillance going and captured one of the skirmisher orcs leading the army through the pass down into Damara. They learned that Screed has allied himself with Galvanore and that he has been given the Hill Giants as a token of support from the Fire Giant King Snurre. The army intends to take up position encircling Baron Hobart’s forces which are besieging Hillsafar Hall.  They know that Eclavdra, the hidden mistress of Asperix, has the Loom of Mystra and has gone to meet King Snurre of the Fire Giants. They also know that the Jarl is aware of their presence but unsure of their plans. Bloodstone has been stripped of forces so that Baron Hobart can take on Galvanore at Hillsafar Hall. The Kingdom awaits breathlessly word of some success against the evil forces gathering all around; salvation still seems terrifically far away for the beleaguered people of Damara.

In other news, 10th day of Mirtal 1364

In the capital, with the King and the Starfall Knights gone, the nobles of the South have openly declared the throne vacant and begun jostling for the right to claim the Kingdom of Damara for their own. The Iron Throne has become the principal arms supplier to the various nobles and the flow of bloodstone out of Damara has come to pass almost exclusively through their hands.  The Dark Sphere around Bloodstone continues to grow but Loviath has learned that it is magic of the Nine Hells and that the fiend Moloch has brought his power into Damara through the Dark Pool in the Mines of Bloodstone.  In the North, the Giants are being drawn together by an unseen hand. Loviath’s research has confirmed that the Loom of Mystra was last seen somewhere in the Great Glacier and is potentially in the hands of the Frost Giants. For two weeks, no raids have been seen in Damara and the petty nobility are claiming that it is through their work and the work of the Knights of Bloodfeathers.  A Knight named Galvanore has been revealed as the leader of the Knights of Bloodfeathers. Rumor has it that he has the Scale of Bahamut himself as proof of his righteousness, last seen in the hands of Palatin Dragonborn. Galvanore is reputed to have driven Nosnra’s forces out of Northern Damara and into the Glacier. He also has reportedly won the loyalty of the Bandit Army by bringing the corpses of their fallen orc comrades for proper burial.  Baron Hobart has declared himself inalterably opposed to this Knight and is assembling his forces to crush this pretender to the throne at Hillsafar Hall. A decisive battle is expected soon.  Loviath believes the key remains the objects of the Melding and she believes that there is a way into the Dark Sphere through the Underdark. She bases this on the reports of captured drow who indicate their terror at encountering what lies beneath the Sphere

10th day of Mirtal, 1364

The tenth day of Mirtal sees the adventurers having looted Charasta’s lair and penetrating the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl Grugnur. They have restored Sir Francis to life, seen Dolan resurrected again, and continued to weaken the forces that are attacking the good people of Damara. Of key interest, they have discovered the source of the funds that Zhengyi employed to buy the loyalty of the collaborators during the Bloodstone Wars of a few years ago. Their base of operations in a watchtower made of ice is secure. Lucas has gathered together his followers from the desecrated Watching in Phlan to garrison the party’s base. A plague has engulfed Southern Damara, testing the limits of the church of Neheod. Klysandral, having ridden with his knights to the ruins of Castle Perilous to face the remnants of Zhengyi’s evil, is unaware of this development. In the North, only the party stands between the undefended populace and the giant army massing in the Great Glacier.

5th day of Mirtal, 1364

The fifth day of Mirtal sees the adventurers pursuing the evil dragon Charasta with great speed and vengeance in their hearts. The dragon struck down Lucas’s cohort Sir Francis and consumed his flesh. She also frustrated the party as they pursued her, flush with victory from defeating the Ice Devil Hargnar. Luna laguna and Grosh provide valuable skill as they purse the dragon to its lair. Their base of operations in a watchtower made of ice is secure. Lucas has gathered together his followers from the desecrated Watching in Phlan to garrison the party’s base. The giants continue to gather strength as the party attempts to destroy the many menaces lurking atop the Great Glacier.

Festival of Greengrass, 1364

The festival of Greengrass finds the party far from green grass. Instead, they find themselves on the Glacier of the White Wyrm, returning from Ironfang Deep. Now the party stands, triumphant over evils that have hounded their steps for so many months, and yet, they cannot yet relax. Corric has fallen, victim to the evil of Pyrthraxus. Lindar has been destroyed, crushed by the weight of falling from the heights the evil dragon compelled him to ascend. Lucas holds the orb and stands triumphant over the carcass of a huge blue dragon, summoned by the orbs evil power. Dollan, sorcerer friend to elves, has to wonder, how did it come to this? The Yellow Rose Monks, having recently brought Corric to the party, return and bear the survivors to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. Upon arrival, Maercal gives them dire news— several items of the Melding have been captured by agents of Bane, others have been stolen by Drow. The Watching itself was plundered and put to the torch! The surviving Tyrrans have reported that they were able to extract information from the dead indicating that the evil power that struck them was loyal to Tiamat, and that Tiamat is demanding they bring the items to the Darkpool hidden somewhere in the Cold Lands. Maercal has just returned from communicating this information to the King and all are convinced that the evil Gods, are intending to use the Darkpools Orcus established at Castle Perilous and in the Bloodstone Mines for nefarious purposes. All eyes are becoming fixed on this land. Worst of all, research done by Khelben Blackstaff indicates that Mystra’s Loom, once held in Silverymoon, has been taken by Jotun agents. Maercal has two pieces of good news to brighten your path: First, the King has decided that he must redeem his losses. He has taken to the field with the Starfall Knights and is determined to see that his old foe, Tiamat, is crushed and her taint removed. He has decided to do so under an alias, Klysandral, so as to prevent his foes from attempting to assassinate him. Second, the burning of the Watching has produced much greater openness in terms of information about the Melding. The objects are known, as is their location as of one month ago, and it is not what we were told:  Melding Objects and their Location: o The Gauntlet of Torm—taken from the Watching by Tiamatorians o Silvanus’ Basket—taken from the Watching by Tiamatorians o Mystra’s Loom—Taken from Silverymoon by Jotun agents o The anvil of Moradin—Held by Banites fleeing Zhentil Keep o Sune’s gown—taken from Impiltur by poison-using thieves o Lathander’s crown—Sollust has it in Beregost. o The wolf-pelt of Tyr—taken from the Watching by Tiamatorians o The spoon of Ilmater—in the Temple of Neheod o The bowl of Yondalla—in the Temple of Neheod o The comb of Elistraee—in the Enclave of Eclavdra o Helm’s eye—In the Tower of Loviath o Scale of Bahamut—in the Shield of Palatin Dragonborn, dead in the Novalarund o The Scroll of the Melding—taken from Impiltur by poison-using thieves We also now know how the Melding will work. To resurrect a God, the Scroll and other objects must be brought to a place where the gateway to the Outer Plane home of the God is available. The more objects are brought together, the greater the power the resurrected God will have. The Scroll allows the divine essence to be withdrawn from the other objects. If the resurrected God seeks a portfolio, a contest with the current holder will ensue and final annihilation awaits the loser; for this reason, it is essential to have as many objects of the Melding as possible (or to select a minor portfolio to fight over).

The Record of the Knights of Damara
A blog for your campaign

After battling orcs and Zhents from the Sword Coast to the Moonsea, our intrepid warriors find themselves in Damara, a frontier nation at the edge of the Great Glacier. A noble king has asked them to help defend his realm against the tremendous evil infesting his realm. While assassinations have plagued his kingdom and broken his heart, his will to fight is strong and the adventurers warmed to his request, especially after it was made clear that the Melding prophecy found its origin and its fulfillment in the Bloodstone Lands.

A dark sphere has engulfed the village of Bloodstone and giant raids have increased across the nation. While the king does battle with the assassins and the dragons that back them, our heroes must defeat the giants and unravel the mystery of the dark sphere before both grow and overwhelm this frontier nation.

A struggle with the Orb of the Firedrake

As the ranger watched the interaction between familiar and sorcerer, his eyes kept being drawn to the large pulsing orb clutched in the dragon’s claws. He felt the power of the orb and knew that with it, he could avenge himself upon all those who had caused death to his family—the foul goblinoids of the world could be cleansed in fire!

The paladin stared at the submissive posture assumed by the sorcerer and contempt welled up in him. This party had just struck down a goddess of evil and her foul inbred minions of poisonous destruction. They had penetrated a prison that kept out an entire army of devious profane warriors. They need submit to no power, certainly not a dark pulsing orb of glass. Justice demanded that the righteous have the tools they require to purge the world of evil, surely the sorcerer could see that Tyr provided this opportunity for the knights to obtain this ancient power to overcome the dark sphere. After all, why else would Lolth have intervened to try and keep them from it? This orb was their destiny!

The sorcerer noticed first the change in Gneut. He had hoped to prevent the orb from falling into the hands of evil-doers and had done all he could to keep it from the foul spiders. His magic had proven sufficient to the task but he was not fast enough to place the orb into the scepter. In words draconic and prayers profound, he hoped against hope to win the orb from his familiar. When the faerie dragon disappeared, he sprang into action, using the staff to locate the orb and casting a wall of force to prevent anyone from leaving.

“We must recover the orb and prevent its escape!” cried out Dollan.

Gneut, invisible and struggling with the power of Pyrothraxus, had no choice but to fly over towards one of the two elves in the room. The dragon commanded and the familar obeyed. Pyrothraxus, knowing that the sorcerer would yield, decided that he would take next the slave’s body with more physical talent. He commanded Gneut to move close to Lindarr, waiting for the ranger to relax his bow and present an open hand. At that instant, Gneut passed the orb into the hand of Lindarr, then fell unconscious.

Gneut’s body fell to the ground and returned to the visible world. As Dollan completed erecting his wall of force to block the exit, the body of Lolth’s erupted into black flame, consuming whole all of its remaining flesh and destroying the weapons that brought her low. A scream emerged from the body, crying revenge and cursing the Knight Lucas for the blood of the dark mother spilled here. The trio looked upon Lindarr, his body rigid stiff, holding in his right hand the orb of the firedrake and the essence of Pyrothraxus.

Steve— Dollan and Lucas see the Orb dropped into Lindars hand. Lindars body looks stiff for a moment then relaxes. As he lowers his head his hood falls over, his lefts arm to his side covered by his cloak, his right hand out in front of him holding the Orb. Lindar stands there, with his eyes closed for a few moments, breathing deeply. Both lucas and Dollan, can see a slight grin over take Lindar for a second. He then slowly lifts his head and looks to Dollan, then back to Lucas. “We need to get out of here”. He tucks his right hand behind his cloak. Then with his left, he removes his hood. “We are in danger here, we are not safe, we need to get to the ship” Lindar makes his way towards the exit.

Chris— Dollan grabs Gneut and back away from Lendar. Dollan, with an unusually commanding voice says “Stop Lendar, gently place the orb on the ground and back away from it now.”

Billy— Seeing that Lindar is adjacent to himself, Lucas grips oathhammer and begins to picture the holy runes inscribed in his head – unlocking each symbol of power with divine words from Tyr himself. “Yes, Lindar, we MUST separate ourselves from the evils here.”

Lucas closes his eyes and silently prays for Tyr to vanquish the evil magics he thinks has sunk into Lindar. (Lucas uses his hammer to cast greater dispel magic). After his prayer, his eyes open and he looks at Lindar…

“Friend, are you sure you are well?”

Steve— Lindar looks to Lucas, With tears in his eyes, “Yes my friend, I am fine, I have seen what the orb can do, why it has chosen me, I do not know. It is powerful. This is just the thing we need to defeat our enemies. The orb carries power we need to crush the giants and the drow. The Orb was made by the Elven gods to help defeat overpowering enemies such as ours. Shandaril put us on the path to find this so we could defeat the giants. Please my friends, trust me. I am fine” Lindar looks to Dollan, “Please my friend, please. I have stood at your side and I have bled with you. I have given my life for my friends (Lindar looks to Lucas), and I have done nothing but help in our journey, I will not do anything to jeopardize our progress.” Chris— Dollan replies, “You have stood by our side and bled, true. The reverse is also true. I have glimpsed into the evil in that orb, I know who he seeks revenge on. It was the elves that enslaved him and elves, among others he intends to exact his revenge. Maybe Shandaril put us on the path for the orb to defeat the giants, but she also said it can only be controlled by a staff. I know not what promises Pyrthraxus has spun to blind you so, but I have seen its evil and will not be swayed. I have heard his honeyed lies. “

“Put the orb down, back away from it now. Once I can speak with you without fear of outside influence we can then discuss its possible use in destroying the giants and drow. I now have a sense of that orb, with the stakes so high, if you take even one step forward, I will take it as an act of aggression. As you are the expert in the woods, I am the expert when it comes to magic items. Know I have your best interest at heart. ” Billy— I must agree with Dollan, my ranger friend. Think of it this way… it is insurance so we do not encounter any more problems than we already have. you have nothing to lose by putting the orb down. the staff Dollan carries has sway over this orb, let his mastery of the arcane be the anchor in our idea. put it down, and we can begin our journey back, and plan our next strike at the enemies.

Lucas smiles and motions at Lindar Steve— Lindar stands still, he looks to Lucas, “We all have much too loose if I put this orb down, there is no telling what will happen then. I do not know how, or why, but I have the orb under control. I do not think anyone can do as I.” Lindar then turns his attention to Dollan, “I can sence your greed dollan. You want the orb for your self, dont you? I am sorry my friend, but the Orb has chosen its master, and the orb answers only to me. And no one else.” He looks to Lucas, then Dollan, “Like I said before we must go from this place, The Air ship is under attack.” Billy— Lucas says, “”if the air ship is indeed under attack, then we must hurry regardless. i did not sense evil in Lindar, Dollan… and while that cannot be a guarantee, the fact that we are not helpless once we get back to the capital should offer some assurance that this might be better handled outside this unholy dwelling. let us make haste, and pray that Lindar really is who he says he is.” Steve— As Lucas is talking, Lindar continues his way to the far western corner of the room. You see Lindar kneel down on one knee as though he is looking for something, he begins to touch the floor, then scoops up some dirt off the ground. As he raises the dirt to his nose, he begins to rub it through his fingers and lets it crumble back to the ground. Lindar looks back where the driders bodies where, then to the celling. He looks confused for a moment, then you can see his body get rigid, he then stands and begins walking once more farther back into the room. He begins to run his hands on the wall as he walks, then he stops and looks. From what you can see, He loooks as though he is brushing something away. From you angle it looks like thick spider webs. He has found another passage way out, he looks down the passage way and walks thru. Chris— “Again, I have sensed the evil of that orb. When I knelt it spoke to me in my head, just part of the charming conversation included how he intended to burn the elves who deceived him. Maybe Lendar is not possessed, then he has been tricked by the orb’s lies. You saw its evil when it took over Gneut. First you profess we must leave this room, we are in danger here. Now you say the ship is in trouble, I think you will say what ever you can to get you and your new master out of this cell.

When Gneut went invisible and I feared the orb unleashed on the world, I put a wall of force over the door. I had resolved to have to trap Gneut in here until we could come back and rescue her or put her to rest to free her from Pyrthraxus’ control. I could not allow this evil unleashed on the world, the only way that orb leaves this room is in the staff.

Lucas, do not listen to his lies. We are in no danger here except for that from the orb. I do not believe the ship is under attack but even if it is, it is unimportant to the fate of Faerun which currently hangs in the balance. I told you long before this that the orb with the evil red dragon in it must be in the staff to be controlled. I never could have foreseen this situation when I told you all this back in the bar. Trust the words spoken before this situation, in honesty, not biased. Not those words currently from someone in possession of the evil orb. Corellian, the god of the elves gave us the staffs to control the orbs because that was the only way to control them.

Look at how he backs away, we have asked him to put it down and walk away. He wont or can’t, don’t you see?

Lucas, choose wisely. The fare of Fearun is on the table. Even the evil of Lolth was scared to touch it, she tried to drag it out in a sack of webs, not in her hand as a trophy. This item was created when elves were new to the world, before the decent. The drow didn’t exist when this was forged. They would have nothing to fear from it if what I am saying was not true. What does your faith tell you is true. Dollan then casts a wall of force to seal the hallway in front of Lendar Billy— Lucas sighs and nods at Dollan. “This is beyond any regular evil I can sense and fight… I too, feel the quirks of the situation…”

“Lindar, drop the orb. Let Dollan and his staff secure its unholy magic, then we can go to the ship together.”

Lucas moves to grapple with Lindar to free himself from the orb, but with the intent of not making contact with the orb itself.

Lucas mumbles a quick prayer asking for Tyr’s guidance (spell) before he does this, hoping that his instincts of the dragon orb’s power to be too strong to be overcome by Lindar alone DM— Lindar sidesteps the paladin easily as he rushes towards the elf ranger. As he jumped off the platform and dropped into the vault below, he calls out, “I am shocked you would attempt to take this orb from me! Dollan is obviously consumed by greed for the orb’s power, he is gone mad! Why would you put a spell up to keep us here? Let us leave this place now and deal with Dollan’s paranoia later. Lindar then moves swiftly down the steps into the vault below. While the Wall of Force seals the hallway in front of Lindar, it does nothing to prevent him from dropping into the vault below. While you can’t see through the unholy darkness, the sound indicates that Lindar found a soft landing just a few feet below. In an instant, Lindar is through the opening carved out by the driders when they broke into the vault. The speed of his departure dislodges some rocks and the tunnel collapses behind him as he goes. The clockworks outside the vault begin to operate, and Lucas and Dollan can hear the door beginning to close.


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