Lucas Wyrmbane

Paladin of Tyr, born into nobility, struggling to find himself and follow his dead parents' paths...


Lucas Wyrmbane
LG Half Elf Paladin of Tyr – Level 15
Size M, Male, Age 37, 5’11, 195 lbs.
Black Hair, Green Eyes

ST – 14 (18)
DX – 12
CO – 18
IN – 14
WI – 14
CH – 18

HP: 163
AC: 34
DR: 10

FORT: 23
RFLX: 22
WILL: 22

BAB: 15/10/5
SR: 16
CMB: 19


(+30/25/19) crit 17-20
1d8+9 dmg (+2d6 holy) (+1d6+7 if flaming)
  • Illuminator, a holy relic of the Procession of Justice itself. It is a Sword of Intercession, created from the blood of Tyr shed in the Procession. In the hands of a general character, it is a +2 Holy longsword. In the hands of a Tyrran, it is a +4 Holy Longsword that also grants a +2 bonus to all Saving Throws as well as a +6 to resist Enchantment spells. It vibrates and glows with a burning white light when it is used against opponents who are chaotic evil.

Forceful Skylance of Rahim:
(+22/17/12) crit x3
1d8+6 dmg (+1d6+7 if flaming)
  • blue & white lance with ribbons, from calimshan knight who rode a black pegasus. +2 dragonbane. 3/day magic missiles @ 3/spell, +5 luck bonus vs breath weapons


Mithril Full Plate of Speed +1:
Haste 10 rd/day, medium armor 25lbs.
25% Arc SF, Max Dex +3, AC Bonus 12

Angel Helm:
Good aligned, CCW 1/day, Resist Acid/Cold 1/day
Light Helm +1 AC, Dispel Evil 1/day

Boxers of Fire:
Resistance to Fire +5, generates Fire Shield & renders any armed
weapons flaming @ 5 rd/day (1d6+7 dmg)

Sacrifice of Tyr:
Adamantine Gauntlet, +1 to AC, +1 Luck Bonus to saving throws
*Holy Relic acquired from Tyr himself after passing Kelemvor’s test in the underworld.

Bardak’s Shield of Tyr’s Glory:
Large Steel Shield, +6 AC Bonus, 10lbs, Bardak’s Divine Favor
1/day (+2 BAB/DMG), Special Healing 2/day (add 2d6 to heal spell)
Holy Relic retrieved from Tomb of Amaunator, infused with Tyr’s golden disk from parallel world during St. Simeon’s Icon quest.

Magic Items:

Gauntlets of Ogre Power (+4 to Strength)
Ring of Featherfall
Tabard of Order of the Griffin (w/ Lucius)
Handy Haversack (at monestary)


Born in the northern frozen plains, the Wyrmbanes made their move to Waterdeep after acquiring nobility for performing very good deeds on behalf of the City of Splendors and all good folk of the North. His parents were harpers, but most notable is the fact that majority of Wyrmbane men serve the Maimed One – Tyr, God of Justice.

Now a paladin and champion of Tyr, Lucas seeks to follow his ancestors footsteps and become a hammer of grimjaws.

Lucas Wyrmbane

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