Humphrey "Hump" Humperdink

A humble fighter and ascetic, Hump has been a Knight of Damara for the last five years.


Hit Dice: 12d10+87 (155 hp) Initiative: +5 Speed: 30 feet Armor Class: 28, Touch 19, Flat-Footed 21 Base Attack/Grapple: +12/+19 Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft Saves: Fort +14, Ref +10, Will +5 (+8 vs. fear) Abilities: STR 24, DEX 5, CON 20, INT 15, WIS 11, CHA 12 Skills: Acrobatics +15, Climb +20, Diplomacy +3, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +15, Perception +10, Stealth +15, Survival +10 Feats: Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty, Toughness, Dodge, Mobility, Combat Reflexes, Overhand Chop, Backswing, Improved Critical (morningstar), Weapon Focus (morningstar), Greater Weapon Focus (morningstar), Weapon Specialization (morningstar), Greater Weapon Specialization (morningstar)


There are many farms dotting the land outside of Heliogabalus, the capital city of Damara. The Humperdink family used to live on, and work the land of, one such farm. Marshaunt Humperdink grew up on the Humperdink farm, as did his father and his father before him. He grew up tall and proud, a man with broad shoulders, sun-browned skin, and deep smile lines on his face. As a young man, he met and courted a young woman, Emmaline Dashpot, who eventually agreed to be his bride. A few years after that, they were blessed with twins—a girl, whom they named Helen, and a boy, Humphrey.

The family worked hard as the years went by. Marsh liked to think that they were happy, and prosperous. Indeed, they lived very comfortably, for a farming family. And if Hel and Hump didn’t get along as well as he and his wife would have liked, well, that was just sibling rivalry and nothing to be too concerned about.

The winter after the twins had reached their seventeenth summer, though, brought bad tidings. As the Solstice approached, Marsh came over ill with a wasting disease. Things wouldn’t have been so bad, but for the fact that the money he and Emma had stowed away for black times had gone missing! Neither of them knew who could have stolen the money, or even when. After all, they hadn’t looked after it since just after the last market day, when they put their extra earnings away.

Hump, though, had his own suspicions. He had seen his sister with a few trinkets, shiny baubles that were of little concern, but had assumed that she had a secret suitor. With the news that their family’s nest egg had been stolen, however, his assumptions rang hollow. As their father lay dying in bed, Hump confronted Hel about the missing money and her new jewelry. She denied his allegations, but Hump could see the lie in her eyes. Their fighting escalated, but was quickly interrupted by their tearful mother, who told them that their father had passed.

Enraged, Hump declared his sister a thief and told her that her blind greed cost their father his life. He turned his back on her to comfort their mother, but Hel, her own anger overtaking him, snatched up a carving knife off of the sideboard and stabbed her brother with it.

Fortunately, their mother’s shout of alarm was enough of a warning, and he was able to turn, taking the knife in arm, rather than in the back. Hel vented her wrath at her brother, and stormed from the room while their mother tended to Hump’s wound. Hel blew through the house, rounding up any items she felt had any value, stuffed them in a sack, and fled from the house, riding way into the night on their best horse.

That was the last that Hump or his mother saw of the wayward Helen.

Ill follows ill, though, and the loss of her husband, along with the betrayal of her daughter, broke Emma’s heart. Emma followed after her husband less than a week later.

Not able to tend the farm on his own, and not even sure that he would want to stay after such horrible memories had settled over the place, Hump abandoned the farm and set off to Heliogabalus to start life anew. He took a small and shabby lodging, needing only the barest of necessities, and found work with the city watch. His dedication to doing good for the people saw him rise quickly in the constabulary. Hump’s passion and his compassion went hand in hand, and so his superiors often looked the other way when he bent the rules to help out some of the unfortunates. Such as when he caught a young man stealing a loaf for his family. Rather than bring the man in, Hump paid the baker for the loaf out his own purse, and sent the man on his way with not only the loaf, but with a few extra coppers besides.

By the time he reached his twenty-first summer, Hump was a Sergeant of the Watch. He never moved from his poor lodgings, nor did he ever save his earnings. He had learned enough of avarice from his sister and from the thieves in Heliogabalus to know what dark path that led down. He took a vow of poverty, deciding to eschew material possessions. What little copper he needed for food and lodging was all he kept, and the rest of his pay went to the needy, and to the churches.

His selfless giving and his unwavering dedication to the people of the kingdom earned him a Knighthood in the fall of his twenty-third year. So he went where he was needed, helping those who needed help, and donating his treasures to those who were hungry and cold and ill.

His duty had him in the city of Bloodstone when the sphere of darkness descended, trapping him within. Still without fear, he did what he could to help, fighting along with the city guard and those who would resist the dark elves that were invading the city. Then the sphere fell, and he found himself, and the whole of the city, in the Demon Web Pits. Now, he must do what he can to help the unfortunates who are stranded find their way back home.

Humphrey "Hump" Humperdink

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