Centaur Knight of Damara


Centaur 6, Cavalier 3, Knight of Quality 1 7’6” Centaur, 33 years old, LN, lance and sword primarily Has a squire named Horem, Human light horse archer as well as a guide, an ambassador, and an animal handler as followers. Owns some land in Northern Damara.


Sacred Tenets—Bravery, Charity, Courtesy, Defense, Justice, Loyalty, Piety

Is a Knight of Damara and was a squire at the Battle of Goliad. Loyal to King Gareth and Duke Olwyn of Soravia.

Horem, his squire, would long ago have qualified to be a Knight himself but does not want to take on the responsibility. Horem is particularly effective with his composite shortbow and is an effective horseman.

Daran-El is married with four foals. Most of his retainers remain at home while Daran-El adventures.

His Code of Honor is Defense, Prowess, and Courtesy.

He was sent to rescue Chaunsleaf from the Fire Giant King by the Centaurim.


Throne of Bloodstone Throne