Mayaheine Ajiralanth

Dawnknight of Lathander and Defender of Morningdawn Hall at Mt. Velidelio


Cleric 9 of Lathander Ranger 3, favored enemy Evil Outsiders, Favored Terrain Cold NG, Sun Elf, 215 years old.


A Sun Elf from Cormanthyr, his family was murdered by the fiends that overtook Myth Drannor when the drow swarmed up from the depths. He felt abandoned by the Seldarine and wandered lost throughout the Heartlands for more than fifty years in despair. Ultimately, at the side of Mt. Velidelio, he met Dawnlord Amador and was restored to faith, but faith in the Morninglord rather than the Seldarine.

Now, completely committed to removing the taint of the the fiends from the Bloodstone Lands, he battles valiantly to defend Morningdawn Hall Shrine and serve the god of new beginnings.

Mayaheine Ajiralanth

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