Princess Artemis Tranth

Youngest daughter of the last Baron Tranth, sister to the deceased Queen Christine


Cleric of Sune 11, Cha 16, age 24, 5’7”


Spoiled younger daughter of the last Baron Tranth, believes she should be Baronness. Surrounded by encouraging friends and two ladies-in-waiting. She loves Heliogabalus and the title that goes with her family heritage. Would prefer to be maried to a noble who could support her claim to the Barony with more vigor. Not fond of Baron Hobart even though he is a dedicated defender of her and has a crush on the beautiful young maiden.

New character: Princess Artemis Tranth of Bloodstone

Her character sheet and portrait are attached. You have a valet (male, human), and a lady in waiting (daughter of a wealthy merchant from your father’s barony). You can name and describe them.

You are a cleric of the goddess of beauty but not especially religious, you hate ugliness and wickedness more than you worship the personification of that concept in the goddess. After all, your belief in your own greatness is unquestioned and your beauty nearly without limit. Its not arrogance when its true. :)

You are from a frontier kingdom, a place that has been wracked by war and plague for most of your life. Into that world, you have tried to bring beauty. You have been frustrated because while you could please your father, a kind and good man who was Baron of Bloodstone, he was killed by the assassins who afflict your land. Your sister was similarly killed and her husband, a overly religious warrior who believed his faith and sword could bring peace back, never understood that what the people needed was something to aspire to, something beautiful to look up to. Instead, he continued battling constantly and the war never really ended. Now, the ‘King’ has put a little halfing on your father’s throne and gone missing himself in the pursuit of the latest of an endless string of enemies. Giants have been raiding your home and an inky black sphere has engulfed your home village. You relocated to a smaller village called Windless, where you have a small house (5 bedrooms) but boredom set in. When a friend from the Temple of Lady Firehair, Sune (Soon-A), came through Windless with an offer to join her in Waterdeep, the greatest city in all the world, you decided a vacation was in order.

Now, after a couple of months in the city, you were attending a wedding at the Cynosure, a pretty little festhall, when a big green dragon burst up from under the building and tore the place apart. When you got out to the street, you recognized the face and form of Grosh, a big ugly half-orc barbarian from your home town of Bloodstone, and a monk of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, the most trusted institution in all of Damara, your home. Your initial thought is that somehow this disruption was their fault but you quickly deduce that they are not to blame. A battle is about to happen and you need to know why.

Perhaps you will need to take a direct hand in things to bring peace to your home.

Princess Artemis Tranth

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