Count of Ironspur, Knight of Vaasa


Knighted by the Lich-King, Galvanore rode with the Knights of Vaasa in their invasion of Damara. He was veteran to all the Bloodstone Wars and survived the defeat of Zhengyi by Gareth. Since then, he has taken command of many of the remnants of Zhengyi’s army and established a new County on the borders of Damara in the lands surrounding Ironspur. He is known to have several magic items including a magic helm, necklace, and sword. His armor is distinctive as well, creating a powerful image on the battlefield. He is also known to have some ability to cover vast distances swiftly.


Rumored to be a distant member of the Bloodfeathers line, Galvanore is occassionally mentioned as a candidate for the throne of Bloodstone. His association with Zhengyi appears to have been born of necessity and many in Damara do not hold that against him in light of the number of nobles who collaborated with the lich king during the time after the First Battle of Goliad.

His new County has not petitioned to be annexed to Damara nor has it made territorial claims over the rest of the widerness of Vaasa. He is largely an enigma to the nobles of Damara and appears to be operating just outside their areas of principal concern.


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