ZSivitri Scarzam (Shirley)

female 1/2 moon elf. Very agile


Rogue 8 Ranger 1. Shot Sword and dagger. female 1/2 moon elf. Very agile 29 years old. 5’2” 85 lbs. Green anime hair. Blue/green eyes. Black taberd with yellow lightning bolt blazon over dark green leathers. Kind of shy


Dakon Blackblade (not his real name) was a Black ranger-A group of mercenaries and assassins that worked the Dragon coast before the time of troubles.

During one of his many missions he struck up a long term relationship with a young lady and it led to the birth of twins-A boy and a girl.

While Dakon took the boy under his wing and began to train him up-the girl he pretty much ignored.

As these things go Dakons job took him away from his new family and eventually led to his death in the lands of THAY (The happiest place on earth).

The care of the twins was left to the mother-who was in no position to care for them.

The boy she handed over to the remaining black rangers to be cared for and trained while the girl she gave to a local inn and she vanished in to history.

The twins never knew about each other and while the boy grew up in the hard-harsh life of the Black rangers the girl grew up as a Bar maiden and a Doxy.

During the time of troubles five years ago the girl was killed and her soul passed on to the great beyond.

The Black rangers took a commission to go i9nto the under dark and serve in the ongoing drow Wars and the boy-now a young man was a part of that mission.

The Rangers fell afoul of a troupe of Mind Flayers.

Many years later the Boy was found frozen in a block of Ice in the great glacier by the monks of the yellow rose. Having no possession other than a strange tunic and no memory. He fell in with a group of adventures who were fighting ork and promptly got himself killed.

The adventures got him resurrected but he came back as a-a female drow elf. The ironic humor of the gods.

And a few days later-she went and got killed again.

The soul passed into the great beyond-which appeared to the boy as a night club. There the soul of the boy/girl and the soul of his/her twin sister were reunited and when the adventures were reincarnating the body-the two souls merged into one and were infused by the power of lathander himself. A hound Acheron was born and sent back in the body of the young girl-Now a ½ moon elf named ZSivitri Scarzam (But you can call her Shirley).

And now the story continues

ZSivitri Scarzam (Shirley)

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