Throne of Bloodstone

12-14 Klythorn 1364

After a dangerous discussion with the dear departed priests of Mystra in Waterdeep, the Knights return to Damara, poorer but wiser for their trip to the City of Splendors. Despite expecting to meet up with Lucas, the paladin of Tyr did not make the rendezvous and the press of time made it essential to return home.

Upon arrival, the party was tremendously impressed to learn that Dolvaren had earned title to the Sleeping Dragon Inn in Windless, a location that represented a significant upgrade over the frozen ice outpost at the southern edge of the Great Glacier. With a comfortable night’s sleep behind them, they updated Loviath and conferred with the priests of the Morningdawn Hall under construction on the slopes of Mt. Velidelio. Mayaheine, a Dawnknight, negotiated with Dolvaren for the purchase of the Stained Glass Golem he had acquired, and the golem was put to good use defending the Morninglord’s new shrine in Damara. The sphere of blackness was revealed to be the work of Lolth and a counter-weight to some sort of battle the drow were losing against the pale-skined elves in the Underdark. Loviath urged the party to finish their defeat of the giants, believing that the giants were somehow connected to the pale-skinned elves and that access to the sphere could be had through the Underdark.

Accordingly, reprovisioned and rested, the party teleported into the Fire Giant King’s Hall. With stealth and tact, they dispatched a monstrous hydra and took the King’s personal wealth back to the Inn for their use. Upon return, they proceeded forward cautiously only to stumble into the King’s main audience chamber.

Into the maelstrom the Knights were committed, battling Vercinabex Tor, the Cloud Giant who had so vexed them, Nosnra, the Hill Giant Chieftain, Grugnir, the Frost Giant Jarl, and King Snurre himself. While they hewed and slashed, the giants clearly overmatched them. After the petrification of Dolvarin and the incapacitation of Risen Phoenix and Shirley, the barbarian Grosh stumbled into the snow, insane and out of his mind.

After two cold days in the ice, he was rescued by Dawnknight Mayaheine. The elf restored his wits, his health, and re-equipped him. Together, the duo returned to the King’s Hall using a secret entrance utilized primarily by a red dragon who had been menacing the area for weeks. They slipped in in time to see that Shirley was already conducting an escape of his own. Restoring Dolvarin with Mayaheine’s magic and defeating the guards, the party was fortunate to rescue Chaunsleaf, a high ranking Centaur shaman, and Daran-El, a Centaur Knight of Damara, before returning to the Sleeping Dragon Inn.

Now, certain that Snurre knows of their plans to destroy him, and sitting atop a mountain of stolen giant wealth, the Knights must carefully choose their next step. Was Vercinabex lying, as he so often did, when he said that the King had a use for them? Is simple annihilation of either the Knights or the Giants the only path forward? Where is Lucas Wyrmbane?

The answers to these and so many other questions awaits our adventurers in their next installment.



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