Throne of Bloodstone

Dol'Varinn's shopping Trip

Dollan, having been in Plan earlier goes to the magic shop that caught his eye before. He could feel the power emanating from it, it was obviously a true magic shop. Anyone with any bit of talent should be able to feel it. People can be so oblivious to the weave sometimes…

Entering, Dollan’s senses are assaulted by the raw energy of the magic. Dollan hesitates, steels himself to the magical assault. Correction, not an assault, more of a sense of wave washing over him like a wave at the beach.

Behind the counter, an elderly man chuckles. “Those with talent are always taken a little a back the first time here, what can I do for you?”

“Not sure, was drawn to your shop. Wanted to see what you had here. See if anything caught my interest.”

“If you got gold, we got plenty…. Names Kooter, let me know if you got any questions.” Kooter, studies Dollan for a moment, “what you got there, I don’t allow anything invisible in here.”

Dollan, puzzled for a moment quickly realizes what Kooter is talking about. “Oh, that is Gneut, my friend. Gnuet show yourself.” Gneut becomes visible, shyly she replies “Sorry, I meant no harm. All the people outside make me nervous. I forget sometimes I am invisible.”

“By Bahomet, a real fiery dragon, I heard of them but I have never seen one before, sorry if I scared you little one.” Gnuet defensivly replies, “I wasn’t scared… I have faced drow and demons….”

Dollan interrupts, “Gnuet!”

“Drow and demons you say, powerful enemies I am sure.” Kooter, looks to Dollan and realizes Gneut may not be exaggerating. “You must really be talented to face either of those and live.”

Dollan shakes his head no, “more lucky and I travel with powerful friends. I am looking to find something to help. I was recommended by a priest to get a scroll of planar ally to summon a solar but apparently you can’t buy scrolls in Phlan”

Kooter chuckles, “yah, never much agreed with that rule but the law is the law. I may have another way for you to do the same thing though. Where did I put that”, he moves several boxes. “Here it is, this is a candle of evocation, one for good. It can summon a solar if you are…” We are interrupted by a crash as several staffs fall over knocking down a suit of armor. Gnuet, floats above it looking very guilty. Sheepishly, she says “Sorry, I was trying to reach the necklace. Everything just fell down.”

Kooter looks at the mess and says “No worries, nothing looks broken. It’s my own fault, I had to disintegrate the cleaning lady. Everythings been a mess sense”

Gnuet, preoccupied isn’t listening, she is already wearing the amulet she found. “Mirror, I want a mirror.” Inpatient, Gnuet casts a minor spell to see her reflection. “Oh, pretty. It matches my scales.”

“You got good taste little one, that there is a amber amulet of vermin, and yes it compliments the color of your scales and eyes.” Dollan flinches, exasperated Gnuet replies “Really?, my eyes? Mom always said I had pretty eyes.”

Dollan looks at Kooter, “You did that on purpose” Kooter smiles innocently…

“Dollan, I want it. Can I have it? Please…. I saved your life when you were fighting the frog monks. You never buy me anything.”

“Gnuet, you did very good against the frog people. I just gave you two wands.”

“But it matches my eyes” pouting.

Kooter interrupts, “the candle can summon this Solar you were looking for, I’ll include the amulet cuz it matches Gnuet’s eyes and scales so much for the bargain price of 9,600gp.”

Dollan sighs, looks at Gnuet. “How can I say no” and pays the man.

Flying in circles, Gnuet sings “I got me an amulet. I got me an amulet. It matches my eyes.”

Dollan, shakes his head… “Your as bad as Shirley.”

Gneut smiles broadly. “Shirley doesn’t have an amulet that matches her ruins and eyes but I do. I mean my scales and eyes… Can I get ruins too? I want ruins that match my eyes. Where did she buy the ruins?”

Dollan looks to Kooter, “So, what does the amulet do?”



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