Throne of Bloodstone

5 Flamerule 1364

After defeating the Trap-Door Spider, the Knights gathered together to assess their situation. From all directions, the sounds of tormented souls reached out for relief, accompanied by the steady chittering sounds of mandibles of spiders of all sizes. On the floor beneath them, tiny spiders emerged and bit at their feet causing mild irriation and provoking Grosh to stomp the ground in a vain attempt to kill them all. Dol’varinn noticed that his ability to detect magic revealed that everything in the Demonweb detected as magic and that no differentiation was possible between artifact or item. Lucas’s ability to detect evil was similarly overwhelmed by the palpable evil of the place, a situation that caused him to develop a splitting headache that nothing would cure. Dol’varinn pulled out the Staff of Fenmarel to see if perhaps the Orb of the Firedrake was somewhere on the plane, and as he did so, a glittering gold dust came off the floor at his feet, coalescing into a sphere at the top of the Staff.

An image formed in the sphere, a female face, pale and radiant. Loviath’s face spoke to Dol’varinn in the language of long-dead Netheril, “I have programmed this image to deliver a message to you, certain that the language cannot be decifered by the fiends of Lolth. I hope that this is received by the Knights of Damara, loyal servants of King Gareth. The King has fallen and we have retreated into the Temple of Neheod with the few untainted survivors of Bloodstone. The dragons of Tiamat have been defeated and the items of the Melding that the dragon queen acquired, we have recovered. All are safe inside the Temple, along with the Eye of Helm which you brought to me. Many good people of Bloodstone are in the slave pits of Erelhi Cinlu, we dare not risk alerting Lolth to our presence by leaving the Temple to rescue them. It is vital that you go into Erelhi and recover the Scroll of the Melding, the Comb of Elistraee, and Sune’s Gown. All are being held by House Tormtor. Neither Lolth nor her priesthood knew about the Melding or intended to come to Faerun, it was an accident of magic caused by the attempt by the House Mage of Tormtor to gain the implements of beauty necessary for his Matron Mother’s vanity, combined by the poweful gate to the Abyss that the Quicksilver Pool under the Bloodstone Mines represents. The priestess drug Erelhei Cinlu back here by force and have only now discovered how their city came to Faerun. Lolth herself is approaching at the moment and considering whether or not to send the city to Damara or back to Oerth. She is also considering what to do with House Tormtor or at least that is what the slavers of House Kilsek we captured indicated. We were successful in beating the Kilsek drow back and, gratefully, no reprisals have come up from Erelhei Cinlu. With the items in the temple, I should be able to work a spell that brings us back to Damara. Neheod forged a very powerful connection with the temple that should help us make the return. I am sure you have considered many possible strategies for accomplishing your task. I suggest you not neglect to consider the fact that Lolth has many enemies throughout the multiverse and even in the Demonweb Pits itself. She is also easily distracted and her whimsy can sometimes be cultivated by offerings of power. To that end, I forced one of the Kilsek drow, who had an orb of dragonkind somehow, off the chunk of Bloodstone and into the Abyss. Sadly, it seems that Lolth’s power will not allow her minions to fall to their deaths and he fell onto a platform below us with many doors. I do not know what became of him but I suspect that the orb and its power is what accounts for Lolth’s pause in coming to deal with us. Finally, I regret to inform you that our good King Gareth has died. Resurrection is impossible here in the Demonweb. The priests of Neheod have gathered his body and are preparing the necessary funeral rites. I am using all of my powers to conceal our presence from Lolth so that she does not single us out for annihilation. I do not know what will happen to our nation when we return. Good luck!”



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