Throne of Bloodstone

30 Klythorn 1364 (from the point of view of Sir Lucas Wyrmbane)

Outside the Vault of the Drow

After reviving Lucius, Lucas gathers the party in front of King Ruggardo to say a few words. Lucius will cast enthrallment, DC 17 if it has one at all. Its not cast in the sense that its aimed at the audience like an attack – instead, its done as an intricate ritual taught to battlepriests and paladins of Tyr alike when telling tall tales of the maimed one’s glory. Special hand movements and magical symbols and runes materializing in the air is what begins the “enthrallment” process of said spell. And once the ritual is done, Lucas begins to tell his tale. Lucius fills in parts of Lucas’ speech with magical effects thru divination and a bold singing of Tyrran battle hymns.

“Tyr has blessed us before. With both the choice to keep living in his glory, and the choice to deny our enemies the gift of life. Tyr sees justice in all extermination of evil. But the way things happened tonight, I feel that there has been nothing but bastardization of all the good things Tyr stands for. There was very little justice today. The foul things we saw in the Beholder’s lair – King Ruggardo, I cannot help but feel pain inside when I think of all the bones in their pit..bodies chewed on for simple dark pleasures. Tiny little hip bones and mangled hands strewn about like dice made of carcasses. So small and fair. I cringe at the thought that they could have been once…. your loyal clansmen.”

Lucas turns his back from the king, hoping his speech is instilling both sorrow and anger in him. Lucius sees his cousins eyes and smiles as he throws his hands into the air to carve runes known only to Tyrrans. Lucas then turned to the king to stare him down.

“But as my heart bled, your highness, my mind began to race. I felt the soul in my sword beg me to strike at the source of this darkness. We freed what little survivors were left after we extinguished the terrible monsters that held them there. And if Tyr has any more mercy to give, I’m sure the maimed one will at least grant them the same strength he gives his followers, followers like me – blessed with the strength to smite with just one hand. Who needs TWO arms? Tyrrans don’t thats for sure. So if anything, the survivors would be blessed tenfold if the maimed lord of justice gives them their freedom AND the power of one armed living.”

Lucas looked around to see both puzzled and tearful gnome faces scattered throughout the crowd. Lucius on the other hand was waving his hands frantically to create images of Tyr smiting evil with one arm.

“Then your highness… after carefully treading these brilliantly placed tunnels, we found the mind flayers. And Tyr’s wrath came down on them hard. Lucius over here melted one to the very ground with a pillar of holy flames!” Lucas made hand gestures of explosions hoping his cousin would catch on. Surely enough, a bright rune made of flames erupted out of his Lucius’ palms.

But Tyr is also a merciful god. And a compassionate god. And the halfelf we saved turned out to be a thorn in our side. They have now shown themselves to us, good king. A dark and powerful drow family is out there, waiting, to sneak in and destroy all that you love and cherish. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Just as they thought they can come here and smear my cousin’s entrails all over a hut, that we will cower and back down?! NO! Not now. Not ever. We are but simple men. Simple men with great destinies, and the mightiest of the good gods to help us. We are knights of Damara. We are champions of Tyr. Tell me good king, will you burrow in your holes or will you march with us and trample this drow family that lives for nothing but the hope of us being their tortured slaves, or worse… feeder for beholders? Come, brave Svirfneblin. We have our blades. You have your vast and superior knowledge of the underdark. And your innovation and creativity is known all over Faerun. Help us crush this family once and for all. The house of Torm Tor must be served justice. For if not now, then soon, we all shall fall.”

Lucas tucks his chin into his neck and stares at the ground as Lucius makes all the runes disappear like a dying candle. The room is dim once more.



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