Throne of Bloodstone

28 Klythorn 1364

A Serial Recollection

_A story told in several parts, from the point of view of the characters who experienced it….

First, Shirley takes a turn:_

Ok after spending 9 hours resting and training in PHLAN (the city of custard) we did some exploring and someone hit GROSH with a fish?

Then we realized we did not know anything about the Drow? So we inquired with the local experts-that led us outside the city

(I like outside it smells nice)

And after an encounter with some very confused doppelgangers that did not know they were doppelgangers we arrived at the house of Professor Gordo-Er-Gold-Er-Gorier—er


Professor Dumbledore

Who for a large fee answered all our questions about our new enemies and provided some suggestions. Personally I don’t think he was a good man-he mentioned some very bad things and I think Lucas should pay him a visit


(OH SQUIRL!!!!!!!!!!!)

We returned to PHALN (city of custard) to shop for acid.

Now normal acid was not good enough for DOLLAN and GROSH-Sigh-Oh No.

They had to have super acid.

Adventures have been using normal acid for 30 years and not complaining but oh not us.

So we had to go look for super acid-which led us to the bad part of town

I did not like the bad part of town-It smelled like cat.

(Dirty cats)

We went to a dwarf bar and met some dwarf thieves who told us where we could go steel some super acid

So we did that-

During the fight GROSH threw some of the super acid and it made a sink hole that ate the building-seems it’s a lil stronger then we had expected.


That was scary

(I found a ball)

Then the Dwarf thieves showed up and we found out they were just using us-but that’s ok because now we have a lot of the really dangerous super acid and no idea what to do with it.

Then we had to recover

(Throw the ball)

Then Dolan did his magic thing and we went back underground

(I do not like the underground_I cannot smell the wind)

We went back to the fish person place and swam down to the gate-but the gate had changed since last time. So either we were in the wrong place, or something had happened? We saw a strange alter and did what it said

And poof

We were in another room

It was scary with lots of disturbing images on all the walls of the fish men doing bad things

I think I may have been in this room before and I do not like it


And now—-we wait

_And Dol’Varin takes over the narrator’s chair: _

We rested in Phlan for 9 hours. After witch Grosh got it in his head we didn’t know much about the drow. Everyone decided to research the drow. We were told of two experts, one of which in the bad part of Phlan, the other outside of Phlan.

The group went to see Dumbledore. Dumbledore, of very questionable morals, was very knowledgeable in the drow, their affairs and Lolth’s goal to become a goddess in this world. He knew about the white elves, which came from ErelhiCinlu, a city from another world where Lolth is already a goddess.

Dumbledore told the group how he would hire beholders and black dragons and acid to fight the drow and how the drow use adamantine weapons to break their opponents weapons.

Not caring about Dumbledore’s questionable nature, Grosh told him about the evil temple with the evil artifact to the fish people’s god. He told him where he could find it, even after Dol’Varinn tried to stop him.

Learning acid was how Dumbledore fought the drow, the group wanted to buy acid. Dollan thought it was ineffectual – not enough damage. Someone (Matt) mentioned Zents had stronger acid. Dol’Varinn refused to teleport to Zentinal Keep, the group decided to go into the Cyric side of Phlan.

We meet some dwarves, who later turned out to be thieves. After buying them drinks we learned of a stash of acid the cyrics were going to uses on the Helm Knights. We snuck over, used magic to trick our way inside the Cyric’s where house to acquire the acid we sought.



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