Throne of Bloodstone

16 Klythorn 1364 Pt. II

Off to Hillsafar Hall

The party’s acceptance was sent back to the Giants by Dolvarin’s bold declaration. While many wondered about the long-term ramifications of the decision, the scared citizens of Windless were well pleased by the decision. Princess Artemis herself, inspired by their courage (and concerned about its political implications for her here in Bloodstone), stepped forward and announced,”For my people and our future, I will go forward with you and see that the evil sphere is removed from our land and the blight of this evil giant Ingrid is cast down.” Her announcement brought up a strong cheer from the town’s huddled masses. Daran-El, seeing now that the very nobility of the Barony was engaged in this quest, trotted forward to her side and proclaimed, “Princess, with Chaunsleaf safely freed from this Giant King’s captivity, I will delay assessing vengeance and see the sphere removed as well.”

Just as the people’s fear was beginning to dissipate in the face of such intrepidity, King Snurre broke his silence and filled the small town with his rumbling voice, “Now that Damara has acknowledged my sovereignty over the Glacier, and to seal our alliance to defeat Ingrid and her damnable drow allies, I must demand some assurances. First, the watchtower you seized illegally at the foot of the Glacier must be returned and all of your heretic priests removed. I will have no arbiter of justice on the Ice but the Ordning. Second, you must send me a hostage who I will release once the heretics are gone and you are engaged in the battle against my lapsed daughter. Remember, I want her brought to me, dead or alive! Who do you choose to stand hostage?”

Lucas Wyrmbane, curiously silent throughout the encounter, stepped forward and spoke clearly, “I, Lucas Wyrmbane, am Tyr’s Hand in this realm. It is my judgment that brought Tyrrans to the Glacier and while I do not agree with the wisdom of abandoning the Glacier to you, evil-doer, I will see this agreement fulfilled so that you menace no longer this land. I will stand guard over your withdrawal and see to it that my people relocate themselves to Hillsafar Hall. If your ego requires you to consider me hostage, then so be it. But know that my sword is sharp as justice and my will is the Hammer of Tyr!” He strode forward and marched directly towards Hillsafar Hall. As the giant king commanded Brazzemal to take to the sky and the giant army to withdraw from the heights surrounding Windless, the remaining Knights prepared themselves to journy to the Dwarven fortress themselves, and into the Underdark beneath. Marching solemnly to the rhythm of the war drums of the fire giants, the Knights considered that never before and likely never again would Knights of Damara journey under banner of truce with Fire Giants. Truly, the world was a strange and mysterious place.

As the sun rose high and then settled in the West, the Knights approached Hillsafar Hall and wondered if this would be their last day under the sun of Faerun.



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