Throne of Bloodstone

15 Klythorn 1364

A Night Vigil

The Knights, safely entrenched at the Sleeping Dragon Inn in Windless, took some time out to rest and recuperate. While Dolvaren tended to the endless details of moving assets earned and stolen from evil beings, Grosh and Shirl-E approach Mayaheine, the golden elf Dawnknight of Lathander….

Mayaheine asks you both to come sit vigil with him through the night and at dawn, when the light of the Morninglord returns to Faerun, he will attempt to commune with his god to provide you with an answer. Grosh reluctantly puts down his die making tools to do so and Shirl-E joins her Jarl with quiet acceptance. As the dawn breaks over Windless, both notice that lightning in the mountains adds a ozone taste to the air, unusual for this time of day.

A ruby radiance surrounds Mayaheine, whose quiet chanting through the night made both of you wonder about his sanity, clerics are odd to begin with and this one was an elf to boot! He looks up at the two of you and his eyes glow with a golden light. “Grosh Silversmith, you are called to a destiny far greater than you believe. Your dreams are filling with the voice of the Dreamer of Palruvia and your path is one of service and honor. Listen to the words of the ice and by defeating the designs of one trapped inside you will free the dream of the One Encased to make a new home for all His children.” Turning to Shirl-E, he continued, “You have been rescued from mindlessness by a guardian from beyond for a purpose divine. That spirit watches over you today and his name, Zagzagel, has been unspoken for an age. Your own true name was lost at the hands of the mind flayers you are drawing inexorably closer to. When you have dispatched them, you will again be given the freedom of choice they took from you.”

The sun’s disk fully emerged from night’s shadow and as it did so, the radiance faded from Mayaheine. His voice returned to its quiet chanting and after another 14 minutes, he stopped.

“So my friends, what did the Morninglord share with you?”

“I was told that my ‘dreams are filling with the voice of the Dreamer of Palruvia,’” Grosh informs him. “It was kind of implied that I’m on a path to serve Ulutiu. I’ve had a few dreams about him recently, but Ulutiu is the father of giant-kin and the Great Glacier. I know I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual on the Glacier lately, but that’s hardly a reason for him to pick me, isn’t it?

“And I’m not giant-kin anyway,” Grosh continued. “My dad was human, not giant. I mean, I’ve gotten taller, sure, but I’m just a regular half-orc, not a Vaasan half-orc.” Grosh paused and thought for a moment. “Is it possible that Ulutiu has changed me?”

Shrilly just smiles “The morning lord spoke to me of a purpose Devinne, that a spirt watches over me. I can feel it in my heart, like a true and trusted Friend.” Then her face grows grim “Then he spoke of something called a Mind thief or Mind Flayer? That I am being drawn to them and they stole my name and put me in the ice-He said once I defeat them, i will get my freedom back.

I don’t understand-I feel free. Free to follow the path of the morning lord, free to serve my Jarl, free to run and play? What could he have meant?”

The sun rose into the sky, while in the distance, drums beat an army to war.



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